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  1. parsonstreet -
    Hope your well. I'm off for a nap!!
  2. Matt -
    Not really, I take aircraft magazines when I walk.

    And quite a few times I've got so into it, I've walked into people!
  3. parsonstreet -
    I live near the River Frome and the River Avon in the City I just walk to the outskirts and back..

    I also read my university course books whilst walking which must look a bit odd.
  4. Matt -
    Sounds good mate.

    Do you walk to National parks and stuff.

    I know when I go walking I walk far.
  5. parsonstreet -
    I'd prefer a cat but you can't take cats for walks. Dogs want alot!!! of attention.

    Come to think of it I actually like my own company.. just me and nature and "God"
  6. Matt -
    Well I have a cycling buddy, and a swimming buddy when I go. But when they are busy I go on my own, and it gives you time to yourself to think things over. And sometimes It brings back bad memories as I've taken many girlfriends to the rivers and sat for hours, and when you walk past on your own. You wish you could have that back. But at the end of the day I bet when the time is right I'll have someone new to walk with or even a mate. Could get a dog
  7. parsonstreet -
    Wouldn't it be nice to have someone just to wander or cycle around the countryside with?

    Its nice if two people can share am evening walk, watching the ducks then eating a bag of chips on a park bench!!
  8. Matt -
    Sounds good.

    I do a lot of cycling round rivers and places near me.

    Very nice
  9. parsonstreet -
    Soden is a good surname to make quips with. I got called foureyes in school because of my glasses. Well that's school.. I have cool glasses now.

    I 'm a bit paranoid at the moment but I walk for over to hours a day. Especially by rivers and streams near me..blah!!
  10. Matt -
    You didn't know don't worry mate. It's just my second name seems to attract attention lol. It's not a problem don't worry. Yeah I am copying much better now. Go swimming twice a week, eating more, feeling more happy and able to do things. So yeah it's all good now. I've met new mates. How are you? Thanks for asking.
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