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  1. Scrotnig -
    I did actually find out the issue...IE11 needs sites adding to its "Trusted Sites" section, in the security options. Then, it submits scores.
  2. ArcadeMichelle -
    Yea using crome now works well thanks so much for your time
  3. Scrotnig -
    It could be IE11. It's awkward sometimes. Have you got Firefox or Chrome? Try using one of those.
  4. ArcadeMichelle -
    Yea I know its a problem my end I have cleared my cookies I will keep trying things to see if I can work it out.. Thanks Michelle
  5. Scrotnig -

    This is an issue with your computer, as nobody else is having this problem.

    Make sure your your browser is running the latest version as older versions can cause problems.
  6. ArcadeMichelle -
    Thanks so much for your message seemed to work for one game then stopped
  7. Scrotnig -

    Try clearing your browser cache and cookies, then restarting the browser. You should then need to log back into the forums.
  8. ArcadeMichelle -
    Happy New Year to you Can you assist my arcade scores are not registering
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