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  1. Equinox -

    Sorry missed the arcade comment, sorry not sure about that, I don't play the games.
  2. Equinox -
    Hi Alan;

    I think the issue with the poetry forum on here and elsewhere is that it's not really a "critique" type of place, people like to read poems and they are very popular but commenting tends to require some form of critique....that then means people have to say what they DON'T like about it as well, which is uncomfortable for many.

    There are other poets on here, RonnieX, Happydaze, to name but a few.

    I'd keep posting them, it may encourage others, but I'd see it more as a "viewing" exercise than getting any critique.
  3. Alan -

    Thanks for the message re my poem. Seems somebody wants more ! I ceased doing much here because there was very little activity, compared to when I first joined. Some poems had no comments at all, and there were so few others I had nothing to comment on.

    Is there some way this can be turned round ?

    ALSO, there used to be a 4th arcade which was no-fees needed. I was quite active on that, but it seems to have vanished ? If not, can you please point me at it ?

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