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    Posted by Durgemeister on 9th October 2007 at 17:31
  1. OCT

    Another Interview.

    That's my second interview in a month done, and I feel a lot better going away from it than the last one. Of course I am not going to count any chickens blah blah but there are 10 positions, and loads of people going for them.

    Now I face 2 week or so wait until I know the outcome.
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  2. Posted by Durgemeister on 20th September 2007 at 18:24
  3. SEP

    The Quest continues

    The plan to have a job that - at the very least - has nothing to do with tomatoes is still ongoing. This week I applied for another 3 jobs, and today I received a call for an aptitude test with one of them for next week.

    The worrying part it is that according to the woman that rang me, there are so many applicants that the deadline for applications has been bought forward nearly 2 weeks.

    However, the company are involved in composites, and are very likely to have a ...
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  4. Posted by Durgemeister on 7th September 2007 at 17:14
  5. SEP

    A bit gutted

    Got the letter I was dreading today - Thank you for..........However... Mind you, it did say "on this occasion", and they do let people re-apply. Shame is that it would have really sorted me out financially.

    Back to looking..
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  6. Posted by Durgemeister on 5th September 2007 at 12:54
  7. SEP

    The Interview

    My nerves are beginning to subside now. On reflection, I was able to answer nearly all of the "Can you think of a time when...." questions, but I am not sure I answered them well enough. I did at least have an understanding of what was asked of me, it's just a case of translating my experience to the relevant.

    I don't know...maybe. It's that eternal pessimist in me that says that's it, but all I can do is wait.
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