View Full Version : Should we get excited about This?

Bill. MC
3rd September 2004, 13:06
They think that maybe an ET signal is being picked up:


maybe its a hoax of some sort. Remeber we discussed this topic a few months ago and it was concluded that the chances of receiving ET signals was astronomical.

3rd September 2004, 14:59
Maybe not excited, but it is interesting. I doubt it's a hoax, but the odds are it's either a natural phenomena or a localised signal mistakenly being picked up.

I hope it's aliens though. :teeth:

4th September 2004, 16:10
No, we'll be well dead before they ever discover what it is/was, it will then be a few more centuries before they discover that it wasn't what they thought at all. Then it can be debated on here but until then it's just another little noise in a great big balloon full of noise so hardly exciting.

4th September 2004, 16:15
It took the signal 31 million years to reach earth.....Long before I was born.

I commented on this yonks ago and it got knackered up, off topic.