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  1. Russia says it has no plans to invade Ukraine
  2. Is Russia going to invade Ukraine?
  3. Biden issues warning to Russia
  4. Johnson says Ukraine situation is “very dangerous”
  5. Interesting Donetsk info.
  6. The appeasing BBC
  7. Russia hitting US funded Bio-Weapons Labs in Ukraine.
  8. Insights on Ukraine from 2015.
  9. Russia/China Mutual Support Pact
  10. Russia and China.
  11. Leftie treachery
  12. An interesting perspective from a yank in Ukraine (apparently):
  13. Finland Mobilizing
  14. The BC Leftie condemnation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine
  15. Chechnya Army is in Ukraine
  16. Outrageous villifying of Ukrainians on here.
  17. Greasing bullets with pork fat?
  18. Xenophobic Hatred for Russia
  19. Fire breaks out at Nuclear Power plant in midst of Russian artillery.
  20. Russian Major General Gets His
  21. Knighthood For Zelensky!
  22. The Russian "Firehose of Falsehood" Propaganda Model.
  23. Mariupol
  24. The Oops he's a Nazi Thread
  25. Australia Cuts Trade With Russia
  26. Breaking news: the Ukraine war is a hoax
  27. Scrot's gone quiet on Ukraine
  28. The Richest Russians
  29. The Societal Madness caused by Ukraine War
  30. Brave Russians bomb children's hospital
  31. Some Russian propaganda, that turns out to have been true...
  32. Prince William's Comment On Ukraine
  33. Former NATO Soldier talks about the Ukraine War
  34. Issues Joe and Okami haven't addressed pt . 1
  35. No way back for Russia
  36. Putin's Wealth
  37. What would Trump do in the Ukranian Crisis?
  38. Hail Ye Zelensky! Dictator of Rightardia
  39. This war
  40. The Battle of Donbas
  41. Zelensky's concessions.
  42. The battle for Ukraine, with ex-UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter
  43. End of Ukraine war near by negotiations?
  44. From 1st April. Russia requires Rubles for its Gas.
  45. War crimes in the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine
  46. Zelenksy publicly fires two generals and names them as 'traitors'.
  47. It is going to take a long time
  48. The Russians Attack The Russians With Chemicals.
  49. This isn't what is supposed to be happening.
  50. Sending Arms to Ukraine is dangerous
  51. Zelensky is danagerous
  52. Here comes the 'chemical weapons attack'.
  53. Igor Girkin
  54. Doug MacGregor - Zelensky Regime is going to sacrifice it's soldiers.
  55. Roger Cloutier, the US/NATO Col General who definitely wasn't stationed controlling the Azov battalion.....captured.
  56. Rightardian Decision Making Centres Targeted
  57. Declare War On Putin!!!
  58. Zelensky now Paranoid about Russian Nuclear attack on Ukraine
  59. The Two British Have-A-Go's
  60. Russian soldiers celebrate birthday of ‘comrade and friend’ Hitler
  61. Why Does Russia Needs More?
  62. Providing Ukraine with weapons
  63. The narrative is beginning to change
  64. Four Russian tanks destroyed by a single Ukrainian missile ops
  65. Scott Sibley
  66. FAO non Ukrainians who display the Ukraine Flag
  67. Heroic 'Ghost of Kyiv' fighter doesn't actually exist, Ukraine admits
  68. Welcome to the Ukraine War forum!
  69. Putin Always Wearing Ties
  70. Partisan Sabotage In Russia!