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  1. The hatstand Evangelist
  2. Welcome to the Hatstand Forum
  3. Outer space lizards and 5G
  4. Some idiots
  5. Facebook Backtracking
  6. David Icke.
  7. I don't like the Hatstand Forum Icon.
  8. Basil Faulty and the Hatstand
  9. Fall of the Cabal
  10. Nutjob scientists and engineers mount legal campaign against 5G roll out.
  11. Remove all harmful hatstand threads
  12. China infects the world
  13. Face masks are a Muslim plot to normalise oppressing women
  14. Here is some of what COVID19 is really all about:
  15. Making a buck from 5G idiots
  16. Plastic eating Mushrooms
  17. Ectoplasm
  18. Trump's riots
  19. A Course on Jinn Magick
  20. $14 Trillion to Black Americans for Slavery
  21. Kill Bill 3
  22. The president of the People's Republic of China must be a Hatstander
  23. Opposition To Hilary Clinton was a conspiracy.
  24. US Corporate Sponsored Riots are a move against Trump?
  25. South Africa registers first Official Satanic Church
  26. Scientific Evidence for Life after Death.
  27. Faked Alien Invasion in 2024
  28. 7 Secrets Catholic Exorcists Want You To Know
  29. 5G morons
  30. "I don't know what happened"
  31. My mate Pete
  32. Hatstands
  33. Lockdown - Waste of time
  34. I Hate This Boring Forum!
  35. Belly button mining
  36. Plandemic The InDOCTORnation Documentary.
  37. HSBC must be smoking the 'wacky baccy'.
  38. Ireland must be smoking the wacky baccy!
  39. The Tory Government must be smoking the Waccy Baccy!
  40. The Pentagon must be smoking the Waccy Baccy!
  41. Donald Trump must be smoking the Waccy Baccy!
  42. Nicola Sturgeon doesn't need the Waccy Baccy
  43. It's the banks
  44. Is Hatstand the new normal?
  45. Now that the once hatstand is now reality, have the goalposts on what is now 'hatstand' moved?
  46. The next pandemic is just around the corner!
  47. Gosh, this happened in 1977
  48. Dr Fauci must be smoking the Waccy Baccy!
  49. FAO of Reg Perrin, Fork Me, Memnoch, et al.
  50. Bunch of random strangers in the park been smoking the waccy baccy.
  51. Now even Tony Blair has been smoking the Waccy Baccy.
  52. Don't mess with Plutonium
  53. How about this one...
  54. Eric Clapton has been smoking the Waccy Baccy.
  55. Dr Robert Malone (Inventor mRNA Vaccines), has been smoking the Waccy Baccy.
  56. UK MoD, has been smoking the Waccy Baccy!
  57. Bank of England has been Smoking the Waccy Baccy.
  58. Who is holding BoJo's puppet strings?
  59. World Economic Forum has been smoking the Waccy Baccy!
  60. Hatstand Playlist:
  61. Good Funeral Director, Bad Funeral Director
  62. The whole of Lithuania must be smoking the Waccy Baccy!
  63. The Masterplan.
  64. Attention, Spectrum...
  65. DR. Sucharit Bhakdi
  66. Mr Bob
  67. What Really Happened in Wuhan.
  68. Are the Elites using psychedelics to gain power from other dimensions?
  69. Methods 'they' use to hypnotise you.
  70. Sudden Covid Narrative U-Turn is a Masonic Pivot?