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  1. Apparently all the Coronavirus particles in the world
  2. This time last year
  3. Should we trust the WHO?
  4. The Mark of the Beast.
  5. Long Covid
  6. Silver Linings
  7. Is covid burning out?
  8. Covid Camping
  9. Encouraging news
  10. Hugs from May
  11. What lockdown?
  12. Mosopotaminan invention forgotten
  13. Oversight corrected
  14. FAO Joe 90
  15. I wish we were still in the EU!
  16. Who's had the vaccine then?
  17. Apparently we need more lockdowns!
  18. Important Message from Dr Steven F. Hotze
  19. What will happen to old Mrs Magovern, PC Brown?
  20. Another arrest!
  21. Nothing about this on the BBC news sites :rolleyes:
  22. Travel Regulations
  23. Three weeks to flatten the curve
  24. Vaccine
  25. The brainwashing has been first class
  26. More scientists demanding tougher restrictions
  27. Read this if you think we will ever go back to normal
  28. Vaccine - possible serious side effects!
  29. Ex Pfizer Vice President says Lockdowns are pure pish.
  30. Do you trust Criminals?
  31. Astra Zeneca
  32. Had the Vaxx? You guys, are FUCKED!
  33. Why the UK is stupid
  34. Pandemic's #1 Country!!!
  35. Mike Yeadon tells it how it is:
  36. The Old Bill got a Hammering at Hyde Park
  37. Question for Bobson
  38. It is unlikely that this will appeal to many BC people
  39. Covid Narrative for 2021.
  40. March of the Unvaccinated
  41. Indian Variant Vaccination
  42. Who has had the vaccine?
  43. FAO Anti-Vaccers
  44. "Rona"
  45. More Astra-Zeneca Deaths
  46. Info from the Underground
  47. Even Nuns are concerned about Vaccination deaths
  48. The Flobalobalobalobalobalobalob'er could have went to this Rally
  49. Doctor looses his Faith in the Profession
  50. Yet another Hatstand Doctor
  51. Over 40 Doctors Doctors say Vaccinating Kids for COVID is Irresponsible, Unethical and Unnecessary and Unnecessary
  52. NHS Doctor Speaks Out about the lies and Quits.
  53. Young Man's Life destroyed by Moderna Vacc
  54. Dr Peter McCullough
  55. Mother of three Dies After AstraZeneca Jab Causes Blood Clots On Brain
  56. Covid-19, let's cut the crap
  57. Zombie count post July 19th?
  58. Double Jabbed Pelosi gets Covid.....
  59. Vaccine Passports
  60. Lughnasad Text Message
  61. Piers Morgan's latest Rant
  62. Security Gaurds at Covid Test Centres and Quarantine Hotels
  63. Isolating Vaxx Refuseniks from rest of Community
  64. More Vaxx Deaths expected
  65. I am starting to feel Ill
  66. What is the best Glue for sticking a Mask to a Face?
  67. Vaccination promoting the creation of variant Covid strains.
  68. A good Question
  69. Do you think the winter will see another lockdown?
  70. This is a hypnosis technique.