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  1. Warning for Leicester residents,
  2. This virus is very sneaky
  3. Vernon Coleman
  4. Now we need instructions on flushing a toilet
  5. Leics police warning people not to gather in parks
  6. Well that was inevitable
  7. Be warned -
  8. Pointless, but the politics are in place
  9. Covid19 in Spain as early as March 2019
  10. Ian Botham
  11. I found this quite interesting
  12. Suffered?
  13. More about Leicester
  14. Disappointment for many unable to holiday in Leicester
  15. Sturgeon the Racist
  16. Video conferences
  17. My local supermarket ...
  18. The new rules for opening pubs aren’t working
  19. US leaves the WHO
  20. How many people ate you allowed to have in your hardem?
  21. Buy your face masks before Jul 24th
  22. HOW MUCH?
  23. Surgeon suspended for conspiracy video
  24. Covid19 - Future killer?
  25. If we did this the Left would call us racist
  26. I am looking forward to getting back, and lamping cünts in supermarkets.
  27. The frogs get all tangled up
  28. Information for those living in Leicester.....
  29. Cat lovers
  30. Stupid, but predictable
  31. Not a good time to be a cat
  32. The restrictions in Blackburn aren't working
  33. Differences
  34. Signage at Co-ops
  35. Widdecombe's "Idiot hour"
  36. Breaking News
  37. Oh no I agree with Cllr Sir Richard Leese
  38. Check
  39. Time to get hard on the virus
  40. Elbow bumping - WTF is that about?
  41. Coronavirus is Boring
  42. Latest Covid Guidance
  43. The new restrictions in Preston aren't working
  44. Boris says schools should be one of the last things to close
  45. Now you have to wear a mask when having sex
  46. Over the top Covid-19 restrictions
  47. Oh dear....
  48. It's 34 degrees outside
  49. The (maybe) good news.
  50. Sand gives you coronavirus
  51. A government Covid19 video
  52. Fuck Me! I Am Feeling Off!
  53. Gargling Salt
  54. Virtual Terry Fox Run Fundraiser
  55. The Last Man on Earth
  56. The Midlands restrictions aren't working
  57. Elon Musk in disagreement with Bill Gates
  58. What a colossal waste of time and taxpayers' money
  59. I might actually have COVID-19
  60. New covid rules for divers
  61. Deaths indirectly due to COVID-19
  62. Saved
  63. New 3 tier thing.
  64. Muslims lead the world in covid care
  65. Rumours.....
  66. Lockdown II
  67. Wales is closed again
  68. Taxing coronavirus
  69. Covid vaccine
  70. A witch hunt