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  1. How are we going to get out of this one?
  2. Panic!
  3. Bill Gates on the next outbreak
  4. How Are You All
  5. Clap for our carers
  6. Total Protection?
  7. 11 April 2011
  8. Boris Johnson taken to hospital
  9. Tiger tests positive for Covid-19
  10. Biggest news for a coronasnuffed person
  11. Is ditching consumerism ....?
  12. Boris Johnson is in intensive care :(
  13. Infectious melodies
  14. Schools to reopen??
  15. Is it ever funny when someone gets Coronavirus?
  16. Virus Music Concerts
  17. Trump - were his mummy and daddy married?
  18. Thank you, coronavirus
  19. People from the UK stranded abroad
  20. Face masks
  21. Have you received the letter from Boris?
  22. Bog seat - faecal matter - feet - Dead
  23. Information for Cat Owners.
  24. Does the UK have a Home Secretary?
  25. Food for thought
  27. Do you know what day of the week it is?
  28. It's all the WHO doctors' failt
  29. Another victim of the plague!
  30. Where has everyone gone?
  31. 5G idiocy
  32. I've seen vapers smoking
  33. I can no longer get a good Bit of Hashish-Soapbar
  34. I'm going to have a go
  35. The Rules on Lockdown
  36. Aldi limiting customers
  37. Empty Hospital Beds
  38. It is just a Load of Wank
  39. NHS Workers who Comply with ths Shite
  40. Well said.....
  41. Wear Your Tinfoil Hat with Pride
  42. What is REALLY going on???
  43. Dodgy news stories
  44. Intergalactic orders to isolate (For Scrotum)
  45. Respiratory Doctor Blows Whistle on FAKE VIRUS PANDEMIC
  46. Dr Rashid Buttar
  47. Anonymous On Coronavirus
  48. The dreaded lurgy originated in The US
  49. Get Fake passports, Fake driver's licenses, Novelty ID cards, Buy real IELTS, Get Degrees online
  50. Air quality
  51. Bill's 5G nutter threaten to kill telecom engineers
  52. Coronatracking vaccines are almost with us - Run for the hills
  53. I have a bachelors of science degree in mass communications ...
  54. Tony the twit says being watched is good
  55. Inject yourself with disinfectant - Coronacure by Trump
  56. Donald Trump and COVID-19
  57. So apparently there is a child in Australia
  58. Facebook is Your Daddy
  59. The lockdown isn't working
  60. Ruth Nurse
  61. A nice gesture!
  62. The lockdown isn't working
  63. The New Normal
  64. 6 million in UK been infected
  65. What would your policy be?
  66. 5G and coronavirus
  67. The lockdown isn't working
  68. Carpe diem
  69. Coronacron - Time to move to France
  70. Trump says Wuhan Flu is out of a lab.