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  1. Dr Jenner and the history of vaccines.....
  2. Anyone got RH Negative Blood?
  3. North West South and East
  4. Scientists Find Evidence That Human Brain Can Sense Earth's Magnetic Field
  5. Number Sequence
  6. Number Sequence II
  7. Time
  8. Another number puzzle
  9. Curved Space Time
  10. Well, I'm glad that's been sorted out.
  11. Skeptical Scientists
  12. Suggested Reading and Watching for Parsonstreet
  13. G5
  14. UK Study Connects Social Media Use and Depression
  15. Hard Wiring
  16. The 5-part video series of the effects of Wi-Fi radiation
  17. QUICK! Watch This Before They Delete It - They Can Control The Weather
  18. Microwave Attacks
  19. Can Mathematics predict when you are going to die?