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  1. Welcome to the General Election 2015 Forum
  2. This is how long you've got...
  3. What are you voting for?
  4. My choice of parties
  5. How do you think....
  6. UKIP founder: "UKIP won't win a seat"
  7. A 3-party coalition?
  8. The Ashcroft polls
  9. Electoral Calculus coalition map...
  10. Dilemma
  11. You Gov results - as at 4 Feb 2015
  12. Do think they go on a course to pull these faces?
  13. Oh good
  14. Did our elected representatives seeking re-election
  15. Labour pledge to double paternity leave
  16. I'd prefer the lefties
  17. UKIP!
  18. To see the back of Cameron.....
  19. For the prat Memnoch
  20. Does our country do enough for vulnerable people?
  21. LOL
  22. Fine upstanding examples of our honest MPS.
  23. Tory Contract with the Electorate
  24. Straw Poll: Who would you vote for TODAY?
  25. Do you think UKIP can run the country?
  26. MPs heavy workload.
  27. At PMQ's today....
  28. At the end of this month....
  29. Vote Green....
  30. Labour and Tory coalition
  31. I do not want a Labour government.
  32. Tories kick UKIP off the county council in Essex.
  33. Blair's £1000
  34. Emulsion Ed and his honourable pals.
  35. Labour has been “hijacked” by a north London liberal elite .........
  36. David Cameron says he wouldn't stand for a third term
  37. Is Alex Salmond a bit of a political Niihilist?
  38. Ed Miliband....
  39. How much is your vote worth?
  40. The man with no top lip.
  41. Ed Milliband
  42. UKIP are fielding a candidate in my constituency
  43. Labour's April Fool Joke
  44. The lefties are quaking
  45. Referendum
  46. Labour are heading for a thrashing
  47. It would be funny if the Tories got voted in again
  48. Labour ruined the economy
  49. There is no such thing as "government money"
  50. I'm voting UKIP*
  51. Teresa May says....
  52. I've decided to do Something instead of Nothing
  53. Labour have now lost the election
  54. The Iraq War was the Tories' fault!
  55. In the Leftie Mindset
  56. The Government are not to blame for This
  57. Song for Cameron
  58. How many seats will UKIP win?
  59. Funny stories from the 2015 General Election
  60. You realize of course...
  61. Fuck this Shit
  62. What if Memnoch took a formal role within UKIP?
  63. The Tories are....
  64. Vote Labour
  65. Why has none of the Political parties made Westminster's Paedophile Cover up an Issue?
  66. Now I might be inclined to Vote for this type of Guy
  67. Nigel was in Thurrock tonight
  68. UKIP candidate dropped from 'gay cure' conference
  69. If UKIP is such a nonentity...
  70. The UKIP manifesto