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  1. Two people to admire...
  2. What difference would proportional representation have made?
  3. Number crunching
  4. Our next PM will be called Miliband
  5. Dan Jarvis
  6. Unemployment was consistently lower under Labour..
  7. 'Dear Chief Secretary, I'm afraid there is no money! Good luck'
  8. EU referendum
  9. Goodbye NHS?
  10. Why has Chuka Umunna stood down?
  11. Liz Kendall
  12. Are the lefties over it yet?
  13. This is why Labour lost the election .............
  14. Future Generations of Voters
  15. Canadian General Election
  16. Explaining US electoral votes
  17. Welcome to the General Election 2017 Forum
  18. Hung parliament?
  19. Corbyn last night
  20. Foreign aid question
  21. After all that...I won't be voting
  22. Well I've cast my vote.
  23. Election Results Thread
  24. Congratulations Theresa May
  25. DUP Kingmakers?
  26. Highlights of the evening
  27. Recounts
  28. Cast ne'er a clout till May be out...
  29. Will the BBC's political editor...
  30. Scrot, did you get a bit excited...
  31. How many old people have to die?
  32. May's "toxic" team blamed for election cock-up
  33. Why was the election so long?
  34. Oh, not only but ALSO...
  35. Corbyn Hood offers to steal wealth and give to victims
  36. Just the book for Corbyn Hood
  37. Welcome to the General Election 2019 forum
  38. Got my polling card yesterday
  39. Labour want the state to control the internet
  40. The Leaders Debates (Question Time)
  41. 19 points ahead
  42. Corbyn - A danger to the UK
  43. DA
  44. So Bob
  45. I going to vote for Corbyn
  46. I spoke to a Labour campaigner today
  47. Is it acceptable to smack Labour campaigners in the gob?
  48. Is antisemitism being used like a rred herring?
  49. Johnson indicates TTIP is back on the negotiating table with the USA...
  50. The SNP have now jumped on the anti Semitism Bandwagon
  51. Sorry lefties, BoJo is going to walk this one
  52. Why Boris gets away with constant lies
  53. How to ensure a Labour victory.
  54. "The Liberal Party"?
  55. Why do Generation Snowflake insist on being so stupid?
  56. Andrew Neil
  57. How will you vote in the general election?
  58. Nu-Lab
  59. The leftists are about to get such a thrashing
  60. Exit Poll
  61. The treacherous left will be howling about this one
  62. Devastated
  63. I voted Labour
  64. We should have a re-run of the General Election
  65. Will someone please shoot Michael Gove
  66. This isn't a loss for Corbyn
  67. Magnanimous in defeat
  68. Lisa Nandy
  69. Did ANYONE think Corbyn could win?
  70. SNP Does Well!