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  1. Tabak sorry for Jo yeates' parents' Hell
  2. What Chris Jeffries saw...
  3. More Questions than Answers...
  4. Stood Down?
  5. Could Jo have been less than "pure"?
  6. Maybe it WAS manslaughter?
  7. The Crying Woman
  8. Vincent Tabak 'knew Joanna Yeates would die'
  9. did
  10. Will the verdict on Tabak be Murder or Manslaughter?
  11. Did Harry Walker change his story about the screams he heard?
  12. What The Judge Said To The Jury
  13. Is Tabak linked to disappearance of Claudia Lawrence (March 2009, York)?
  14. Vincent Tabak found Guilty of Murdering Jo Yeates
  15. Is Tabak a serial killer?
  16. Vincent and the Hooker
  17. Tanja Morson 'extends sorrow' to Jo Yeates' family
  18. Missing Details of Case
  19. Very Scary, Evil & Sick Tabak
  20. Scary Evil Tabak
  21. Tabak would have been a serial killer
  22. Sky Programme - Death At Christmas Part One & Part Two Link in Thread Below
  23. Sky Programme Death At Christmas - Part Three
  24. One year ago
  25. What's become of Tabak's girlfriend?
  26. Is this another Jo Yeates-style case?
  27. Christopher Jefferies claims police leaked information
  28. Chris Jefferies gets apology from police
  29. The Lost Honour of Christopher Jeffries
  30. What has happened to Vincent Tabak?