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  1. Do you feel differently about the case and VT in particular now?
  2. Welcome to Jo Yeates posters :)
  3. The Landlord.
  4. Was there enough snow in Longwood Lane to cover a body for 8 days without being noticed?
  5. Could VT be extradited to Holland?
  6. CTTV Canygne Road
  7. Where do YOU think the murder took place?
  8. No sign of a struggle?
  9. SIAN - body found
  10. Police Report on Sian
  11. Sian police find human remains in Gloucestershire
  12. Why would someone who has been arrested for one murder immediately confess to a second?
  13. Man charged with Sian O'Callaghan's murder
  14. Speculation as to the other body in Sian case
  15. Missing white woman syndrome
  16. Did Sian Know Halliwell?
  17. The Baying Mob
  18. Local Bristol presenter goes missing
  19. The British Justice System. Can Wiltshire and Somerset & Avon Police and Bristol Crown Court be trusted?
  20. Second body in Sian case identified
  21. What exactly is going to happen on May 4th?
  22. Taking the car over the suspension bridge
  23. Is Vincent Tabak innocent?
  24. What will Tabak's defence team try to show?
  25. Dewani Case
  26. Did Jo make it back to the flat?
  27. How do you think Vincent Tabak will plead on May 4th?
  28. Almost May 4th
  29. Anyone got any news?
  30. Vincent Tabak Admits killing Jo Yeates
  31. Police Update
  32. What will we discover?
  33. Landlord of murdered Bristol architect Joanna Yeates to sue over arrest
  34. Welcome new members
  35. Contempt of Court Proceedings Against Two Tabloids
  36. Why was landlord held on bale for so long?
  37. Twitter
  38. What if Tabak is innocent?
  39. Some background on Tabak
  40. What if Tabak turns out to be innocent?
  41. Why hasn't CJ commenced his libel action?
  42. Stone or Bellfield?
  43. Jo Yeates' Landlord
  44. Papers Fined
  45. I wonder how Vincent Tabak is coping with prison?
  46. Will everyone be back for the trial?
  47. Tabak at Bristol Crown Court today.
  48. Trial is next week
  49. Jo Yeates trial
  50. Vincent Tabak Trial gets underway
  51. Murder Trial Jury Sworn In.
  52. Vincent Tabak 'researched' Jo Yeates case
  53. It doesn't seem very likely that Tabak will get his plea of manslaughter accepted.
  54. Video of Tabak shopping just after killing Jo.
  55. Which Car?
  56. 43 injuries?
  57. Jurors to visit Yeates murder scene
  58. Why Mr Jefferies Was Arrested
  59. Which Asda?
  60. IF...it had been manslaughter........
  61. I still have some serious questions on this case
  62. Tabak: 'Only Crazy Person Could Hide Killing'
  63. More to This Murder Than Meets The Eye
  64. What is Tabak's girlfriend doing now?
  65. Mmmmmm - Interesting Reading!!!!
  66. No suggestion of a motive yet.
  67. Tabak can say what he likes now can't he?
  68. Jo Yeates' mother weeps as photo shown
  69. Vincent Tabak claims Jo died after she invited HIM in for a drink
  70. Tabak to give evidence on thursday.