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  1. What kind of chocolate are you?
  2. Do you have a dirty mind?
  3. What is your hippy dude name?
  4. What kind of soup are you?
  5. What colour glasses do you see the world through?
  6. What breed of cat are you?
  7. What's your bedroom personality?
  8. What taste are you?
  9. What breed of horse are you?
  10. Are you a risk taker?
  11. What animal are you?
  12. Your day in three words
  13. Song Titles Game
  14. A-Z Electrical equipment & gadgets
  15. Post without using the letter "e"
  16. A-Z of words that do not contain the letter "e"
  17. What colour M & M are you?
  18. What's your toilet personality?
  19. What Latin American country should you visit?
  20. Are you a book, a magazine or a newspaper?
  21. I'm hungry for...pictures
  22. What peanuts character are you?
  23. This thread....
  24. The Funky Front Door Test
  25. Are you forgettable or unforgettable?
  26. What type of poem are you?
  27. What aphrodisiac are you?
  28. Do you talk too much?
  29. Are you socially anxious?
  30. What type of urban transportation are you?
  31. What peanuts character are you?
  32. Do You Flirt Like a Man or a Woman?
  33. Are you rubber or glue?
  34. Are you leather or lace?
  35. Are you easily fooled?
  36. Which exotic fruit are you?
  37. Are you right or left brained?
  38. What does your favourite colour say about you?
  39. What internet slang are you?
  40. The dark room colour test
  41. Who were you in a past life?
  42. Do You Have a Good Sense of Humour?
  43. The Skirt Test
  44. What fruit should you smell like?
  45. The Four Words Thread
  46. Are you an attention whore?
  47. Would you choose love or money?
  48. Why do people like doing quizzes which gives them unrealistic answers about themselves?
  49. What suit of cards are you?
  50. What Yankee Candle are you?
  51. What colour Martini are you?
  52. What country are you?
  53. Are you masculine or feminine?
  54. Will you be a multi millionaire?
  55. What personality disorder are you?
  56. The gradient test
  57. What kind of leaf are you?
  58. What does your favourite breed of dog say about you?
  59. a - z
  60. Are you an early bird or a night owl?
  61. A-Z of celebrities you like.
  62. Last Letter First - Food & Drink
  63. A-Z of pet names
  64. A-Z of Music terminology
  65. A-Z of three word song titles
  66. Songs with a number in the title
  67. Song titles that ask a question
  68. A-Z of excuses not to have sex :)
  69. Multiple Choice Question ??
  70. A-Z of children's toys / games etc