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  1. Dante Arthurs
  2. Welcome to the Crimes & Mysteries forum
  3. Amanda Knox - Did she kill Meredith Kercher?
  4. Casey Anthony
  5. Shrien Dewani
  6. British businessman Shrien Dewani arranged his wife's murder.
  7. Bail restrictions not to be lifted on Dewani.
  8. The Death Penalty
  9. Shrien Dewani: Channel 4 Dispatches
  10. Jaycee Dugard
  11. Rebecca Nalepa found hanged in Jonah Shacknai's mansion after son Max, 6, dies
  12. Writing to death row prisoners
  13. Shrien Dewani "too ill" to face extradition
  14. No charge for the bloke who killed a burglar.
  15. Massacres of innocents by young gunmen.
  16. Are ALL killers insane?
  17. A new crime
  18. Shrien Dewani: Judge rules SA extradition can go ahead
  19. Father falsely accused of being a paedophile
  20. The "saline drip nurse" was INNOCENT!!
  21. Bradley Manning
  22. Sean Duffy
  23. Shrien Dewani's South Africa extradition approved
  24. Knox/Sollecito murder convictions overturned
  25. Is Knox , Guilty or Not Guilty of Murder?
  26. What Happened?? Did he arrange the murder of his wife?
  27. The death of Natalie Wood
  28. Mars and Avebury Wiltshire striking similarities
  29. Europe's last executioner
  30. A mystery invention--too good to be true
  31. Yeah right.
  32. Thatcher - this is how things SHOULD be
  33. Missing Jamie Oliver apprentice Kevin Boyle found dead
  34. Will the Daily Mail be reporting this?
  35. Now that would be tough shit.
  36. Who is your favourite serial killer?
  37. The Perfect Crime
  38. Serial Killer Epidemic
  39. Famous EMPLOYED people
  40. Who committed this Mauritius murder?
  41. Odd case - teenage girl stabbed at house party, boy runs away
  42. Another strange case: Cricketer Tom Maynard dies
  43. Looks like the boyfriend did it.
  44. A Bizzare twist
  45. Curious case of the shot couple
  46. We have a prophet among us.
  47. Woman killed in Eastbourne cliffs accident
  48. Nurse admits killing her 4-year-old daughter
  49. 'I didn't kill her', accused tells court
  50. Shrien Dewani back in the news......
  51. Tia Sharp missing
  52. Tia Sharp's grandmother
  53. Tia Sharp. Is the whole family in on it?
  54. Tia Sharp. Home life.........
  55. Tia Sharp: police admit 'human error'
  56. Nuclear barrier in place after Manchester shootings
  57. BUMS!!!!!!!!!!!***!!
  58. Is Scrotnig a conspiracy nut?
  59. Tia Sharp: What actually happened?
  60. Tia Sharp body formally identified
  61. Anders Breivik declared sane
  62. Tia Sharp: Cause of death may never be known
  63. Lord Lucan
  64. The Alps murders
  65. Maddie
  66. British as a derscription of nationality is obsolete.
  67. Racially motivated?
  68. Wow, they've found Yetis in Russia
  69. Jill Meagher abduction, rape and murder
  70. Megan found!