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  1. Shrien Dewani 'fit to stand trial'
  2. A Real Man doesn't behave like this
  3. Is your PIN code safe ???
  4. Dordie will be happy, well, half happy.
  5. Lots more child sex abuse covered up.
  6. The Royals have Their Secrets and don't want Us to know Them
  7. Convicted murderer sought re the missing schoolgirl Alice Gross
  8. Disorder in the Courts
  9. James Attfield murder
  10. October 2nd: Wrongful Conviction Day
  11. Alice Gross murder - body found in search for suspect
  12. Ex-DJ Ray Teret 'raped girl with Jimmy Savile'
  13. Police and your phones.
  14. Who killed Jill Dando?
  15. Billie-Jo Jenkins
  16. 76 year old attacked in her own home
  17. Jeremy Bamber
  18. Who was Jack the Ripper
  19. Pistorious finally sentenced tomorrow
  20. What's going on here?
  21. Boy & Girl arrested for rape :o
  22. Four bodies found in house in Bradford
  23. Shrien Dewani's trial may collapse
  24. Council calls their own councillor a risk to children
  25. Is Laupington an intellectual?
  26. Is Parsonstreet a Virgin?
  27. Parson's virginity
  28. Why do immigrants hate immigrants so much
  29. *Scream*
  30. Have you ever introduced people to these Forems?
  31. Do you give a fuck?
  32. The wind's getting up.
  33. Tory MP Mark Pritchard arrested
  34. Vicar arrested over murdering a baby :o
  35. Ray Teret is found guilty following rape trial
  36. Shrien Dewani walks
  37. What's terrifying about this picture?
  38. Conspiracy Theorists and Loons
  39. 911 False Flag - American Traitors & Mossad - Where are the Oath Keepers?
  40. Sent back to Prison for working early
  41. Whistleblower claims Ukrainian jet brought down Boeing
  42. Warning - They are watching Us
  43. Would you?
  44. Has your sixth sense ever plucked you from certain doom?
  45. Here's a real MYSTERY for you
  46. Beheadings, and killing teachers - fucking Muslims
  47. The Ched Evans case
  48. How good an eye witness are you?
  49. Manchester canal murderer
  50. The Global Warming Scam is actually more of a Scam than you thought
  51. Man kills wife then hangs himself
  52. Your Opinions may make You a Terrorist Threat
  53. Another non Muslim child rapist
  54. These pictures are truly terrifying if you were unwarned
  55. Don't believe what they say - it's a Load of Wank
  56. Man or woman, married or single?
  57. Fred Talbot
  58. Fred Talbot found guilty :(
  59. Global Cooling
  60. Chemtrails are for Real
  61. The story that just never goes away
  62. Missing Girl - Becky Watts
  63. English or Indian?
  64. Poltergeist
  65. Amanda Knox not guilty
  66. Moving House...?
  67. Portuguese plod gets landed with a *big* bill
  68. Didcot murders
  69. The Video that People such as Perrin wants to be banned
  70. What are anti terror laws for?