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  1. Have you ever solved a crime?
  2. Let battle commence
  3. I hate when this happens
  4. The Gay Mafia are Watching!
  5. Shrien Dewani could be CLEARED
  6. Where is Parsonstreet?
  7. Telepathy Is Easier Than You Think
  8. Scary Clown Terrorizes British Town
  9. Perfect Murder, Perfect Town - JonBenét Ramsey Murder
  10. Time travelers have arrived ... Yesterday
  11. yrt more boring murder threads
  12. its very sticky tonight
  13. The Sphinx's Beard
  14. All Lies
  15. Time to ban all street signs
  16. Missing Mansfield Couple
  17. Those new photofits
  18. Should those policemen go on trial
  19. Who Killed Jll Dando and Why?
  20. British holidaymaker drowns in Cyprus
  21. Time for the McCanns to shut up
  22. Shrien Dewani: Case against extradition will be reopened
  23. Insurance scam
  24. Why is the spell check American?
  25. If Scrotnig ever becomes a detective...
  26. JFK
  27. Body found in well
  28. That french Gunman
  29. 9/11 again
  30. We went in Afghanistan looking for Bin Laden.
  31. What happened to the girls?
  32. Grandmother murdered her daughter-in-law
  33. Nigella
  34. Coroner invites the family of shot gangster to help change police tactics
  35. Freemasons and Police Corruption
  36. Kercher murder: the coming verdict
  37. Knox and Sollecito GUILTY AGAIN
  38. it' a crime
  39. Boy, seven, dies as Chertsey homes evacuated
  40. Couple arrested after child was savaged by dog
  41. Oscar Pistorious
  42. Who does this guy remind you of?
  43. Claudia Lawrence
  44. This is sick
  45. Oscar Pistorius
  46. Naming the Clique
  47. What's it like being a hippy?
  48. Triple Sandwich packs
  49. If the phones are ringing
  50. Wage rises
  51. The Parsonstreet Mystery
  52. Was the 1983 general election rigged?
  53. A guide to the Budget
  54. Savage Killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby whining to The BBC.
  55. Baby accused of attempted murder
  56. Shrien Dewani extradited to South Africa
  57. Tania Clarence. The Mother arrested after the deaths of 3 of her children.
  58. Ian Hislop
  59. Dame Barabara
  60. Claudia Lawrence
  61. Another Woman kills her Children
  62. McCann again
  63. Venus and the maddy connection
  64. Kate McCann's son asked about claims she 'hid Madeleine'
  65. So Conspiracy Theorists are Fruitcakes?
  66. Bridlington Guest House murder
  67. Mother admits Mikaeel Kular killing
  68. Nasty little white English pervert
  69. Man goes missing, then turns up unconscious in a field!
  70. Top Plod has his collar felt